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Animation for 1-on-1 therapy sessions.

Terapiapuoti is a therapy service provider in Helsinki founded by Susanna Äijälä. The project had a blank canvas and the goal was to create a brand that would reflect Susanna's personality and stand out from the competition.
Highlight of the project is the logo that stands at the base of the identity. The logo is built from different shapes, fonts and animations to express the idea of a busy mind, but with a warm color scheme and enough subtlety to meet the professional qualities the business domain demands.


Happy, playful, warm and welcoming. 

Brand identity - Website design & development - Graphic design - Strategy

“Working with AATEO has been smooth and straightforward!


Max had a good vision for what kind of identity would work for my business. He was forward with his ideas, but at the same time he listened to my suggestions and ideas well.


I got a plenty of support and advice for name ideation, marketing and concrete assistance in using different platforms. The project and its’ stages always finished on time or even in advance.


I very strongly recommend the competent AATEO and Max.”

Matalan kynnyksen terapiaa elämän solmukohtiin.


A Thematic set of illustrations to be used in blog and social media.

Illustration 2.

Main colors are soft and warm.


Simplified logo.

The blog has its' own logo to extend the visual identity.

Illustration 3.

Illustration 4.

Helsingin Ullanlinnassa sijaitseva Terapiapuoti on matalan kynnyksen terapiapalveluita tarjoava suomalainen yritys. Terapiapuoti tarjoaa ratkaisukeskeistä lyhytterapiaa yksilöille ja pareille. Terapiapuotiin voit tulla ilman lähetettä, käynnistä ei jää merkintää, ja ennen kaikkea; puotiin voit tulla juuri sellaisena kuin olet.

Business introduction.


Tarkoitamme kun sanomme matalan kynnyksen terapiaa.

Missiomme on rikkoa kivikautisia oletuksia terapiasta ja tuoda terapian voima jokaisen ulottuville. Siksi tarjoammekin ensimmäisen käynnin -50% - ilman ongenkoukkuja.

Varaa ensikäynti -50%!

The core of the marketing strategy is based on the consumer behaviour of certain service sectors. It sits flawlessly with the companys' mission to lower the barrier of entry to therapy for people from all walks of life.

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