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 Website landing page doesn't hold back punches.

Autokoulu Koutsi was moving to Helsinki and looking for advertising. The business went by a different name at that point and after the initial meeting both parties came to the conclusion that it was a time for a brand overhaul to maximize the effectiviness of ad campaigns.
The new name was inspired by Harris' coach-like attitude towards teaching. The identity, especially the tone of voice, followed the same theme. To further distinguish Autokoulu Koutsi from the competition, all channels of communication were designed very minimalistic and clutter free.


Audacious, straight-to-the-point, calling to action. 

Brand identity - Website design & development - Name ideation - Strategy

“Working with AATEO has been extremely easy. There is a real sense that they care and want my business to thrive. When it comes to marketing, all I have to do is take care of the customer flow.”

Custom main font.

Text font.

Koutsi's logo is a simplified register plate with the full name at the bottom. 

Communication is heavily inspired by the "Just Say No" campaign from the 80s.

Mobile view.

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