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Order form design for K-group's online store.

Variant 1.

The core elements of the identity work together to create an energetic atmosphere.

Salaatix is a salad kitchen focusing on catering from Rusko, Finland. The project's agenda was to completely re-do the branding and create something that would stand out and be competitive for Salaatix's future ventures.
The main thematic element was colour. Salads are filled with vibrant fruits and veggies rich in colour. Also, the company handles it’s business in a joyful manner, which sits well within the theme. With colourfulness as a base, the goal was to create an identity that would communicate:


down to earth, playful but quality driven. 

Brand identity - Website design & development - Graphic design - Service Design

"We are extremely pleased with the work. Right away, the first concept was exactly what we wanted Salaatix as a brand to communicate. Our customers have been happy and convinced of the new identity as well, which is really important to us. We continue to work with AATEO and now we are eagerly waiting for the new product line to hit the stores. We strongly recommend AATEO."

Salaatix main font.

Salaatix attention font.

Salaatix text font.

6 different color schemes for logos to showcase the colorful personality of Salaatix.

Same color schemes are used to differentiate between salad categories.

Secondary elements and composition options for showcasing the salads.

Social media posts for employee introduction.

Brand basic shape 1.

Brand basic shape 2.

Brand basic shape 3.

Brand basic shape 4.

Desktop view of the website. Take a look:

The voice of the brand is energetic and calling to action.

Product showcase on the website..

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