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The landing page introduces the business, states it's mission, and communicates the brand.

Illustration for 1-on-1 therapy service.

Project Psykobaari started with a brilliant name and an attitude to lower the barrier of entry to threapy. 
The goal was to create an identity that communicates both: The "psychedelic" world the name inevitably implies, but also the important professional qualities of a traditional therapy service provider.


Psychedelic but professional. Warm and approachable. 

Brand identity - Website design & development - Graphic design - Web store

“I was lucky I ended up choosing AATEO out of multiple options. I was looking for a website and there was a plenty of companies willing to do the job. After all, the project was about much more than just a website. Max had a plenty of ideas and suggestions that I hadn’t even thought about and he held on to his ideas with just the right amount of decisiveness… And it was certainly worth it! The whole project; the website, marketing etc. - I have been extremely pleased with.


For an entrepreneur there is a plenty to figure out in the beginning; learning new skills and stress, for that I am very glad that this part of starting up went so smoothly and promptly with Max and AATEO.”

The main font is the core element for communicating the psychedelic aspect of the identity.

Beautiful Futura as a text font brings an edge to the identity.

Main logo. Inspired by vintage coasters.

Main color scheme. Soft and warm colors bring balance and fit the business domain .

Illustration for group therapy.

Illustration for couples therapy.

Illustration for business coaching.

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