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Design for the Biodegredable plastic bag.

Canvas for Maatuva's other product, the smaller fruit and veggie bag.

Brand illustration for a brochure.

Maatuva is a company built on an incredible product: An inexpensive, naturally biodegrading, plastic bag.


However, the challenge was the word plastic. Could anything plastic be trendy, not to even mention environmentally friendly, when the word is treated almost like a curse word?
Fortunately there was something about Maatuva that could win the consumer to it's side. Maatuva was immediately brutally honest: They knew their solution isn't perfect, but it's an actionable and a great step towards the right direction. That honesty was to be the heart of the brand.


Honest and visually interesting ecological brand. 

Brand identity - Website design & development - Product design - Strategy

“Without AATEO we would be just a company selling environmentally friendly plastic bags. Now we stand out from the crowd and are building an ecological brand with AATEO. AATEO has exceeded our expectations on every front. Two thumbs up from us.”

Maatuva already had it's spot on name when it came to AATEO. It was immediately clear the name was going to play the main role in the logo. AATEO added the slogan "greener solutions" when marketing strategy revealed Maatuva had international potential and aspirations. 

Canvas bag design.




Maatuva main font.







Maatuva text font.

Maatuva's mission statement.

Brand illustrations are playful to further distinguish Maatuva from the mass of ecological brands, but also to communicate humility.

Website design is clean and to-the-point.

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