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A boarderless creative agency.



AATEO is a boarderless creative agency focusing on visual identity through simple and creative solutions.


Communicating a business to a customer covers a wide range of activities:

A Website, product design, logo design, brand building, marketing strategysocial media managering, advertising campaign... You name it - we do it.

 Maatuva's visuality. 



AATEOs main focus in any project is quality, speed and communication.


AATEOs workforce is based on multitalents in marketing space. It is for this reason our solutions are timeless, unique and reflect the personality of our clients.

Every project begins with a free-of-charge consulting: We sit down with you and truly listen to what it is your business wants and needs. Next we get back to our chambers and think of the best way we can be of service. We will craft a presentation for you and show you our ideas on how to move forward, step by step, as well as a timeline and a transparent breakdown of the costs.



In pricing our focus is transparency.

Our rate is between 60-80€ per hour, depending on the required speed and project in question.

The reason why we can charge 20%-40% less than your average agency is because of our cost structure: We do not have large teams where each one has their own area of expertise. Instead, we have a small team of multitalents. For the same reason, the projects require less hours.

We also bill as you wish: You can pay the full sum upfront, 50/50, or we can divide the total sum evenly across the planned project schedule.



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Max Kanerva

Art Director

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Every project begins with a free-of-charge consultancy.

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