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The name "Maatuva" means to decompose in Finnish and it holds the center stage in the logo design.


greener solutions.

While building the marketing strategy for Maatuva, we understood the companys' potential for international markets. Therefore we came up with an english slogan: "greener solutions", that communicates the companys mission and values honestly.

Maatuva - Building an ecological brand out of a plastic bag?

Maatuva and AATEO began collaborating early in the project. At the begin Maatuva had its' spot-on-name and a brilliant product: A biodegradable plastic bag.
The ecological aspect was a no-brainer and a clear competitive advantage in the market Maatuva was aiming for.

However the world is full of "green" brands and AATEO wanted Maatuva to stand out from this crowd.
AATEO pinpointed Maatuva was radiating honesty; "We know the solution we offer is not the absolute best - BUT it is a realistic and actionable step into right direction". This was to be the core idea the brand would be built around.

Honest, not taking itself too seriously, visually intriguing, ecological brand.

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AATEO designed and built a clear and interesting website for Maatuva.
Check it out yourself:

"Without AATEO we would just be another plastic bag company. Now we stand out from the crowd and are building an ecological brand with AATEO. AATEO has exceeded our expectations on every front."

-Miikka Ojala, CEO of Maatuva


To support the name and it's connection to the nature, the main visuals are of one of the most beautiful thing one can find: Rebirth.



Secondary visuals is a photograph of microscopic decomposers filtered with Maatuvas' green.


When the project began Maatuvalla had its' name, but not yet a logo. "Maatuva" was such a good name that it was clear it should play the main role in the logo.

However, there was a plenty we wanted the logo to communicate; trustworthiness, ecologicity, but also the idea of not taking itself too seriously.

AATEO found a font, Oduda, that had qualities of trustworthiness as well as some playfulness. A growing plant was added to the letter "m" to imply the ecological aspect and to create a simple standalone logo. 

Futura light became the frontrunner for the paragraph font to contrast the thick and round Oduda.



Heading font is bolded Oduda.



Paragraph font is clean futura light.



Attention and extra font is playful KB Planet Earth.


A4 in-store ad for Maatuvas' veggie/fruit bags. One of the challenges that was found from creating the marketing strategy, was the consumers prejudice towards bags' durability. Thus, the core strategy of Maatuva's product advertising is to communicate the bag's durability with Maatuvas' distinctive visual style.

maatuva is a finnish company on a mission to find greener  
solutions to everyday commodities.

The mission statement is clear, simple and it communicates the companys' core values. It also purposefully distances Maatuva from plastic bags, leaving room for a wider product portfolio.

Product design:

No matter the brand, the brand doesn't become real until it meets the end consumer.
In Maatuvas' case, on average, the consumer is first met through the products. Thus product communication became the most essential aspect of Maatuvas' marketing.

The main products aim to be visually interesting, honest and different from the competition.


Maatuva's main products: Maatuva shopping bag and Maatuva veggie/fruit bag.


This is the end of the quick see-through of our Maatuva project. For more information about the project contact us.


ideas at work

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The main graphic of Maatuva's shopping bag.